Tom Foley


I had two months of lessons at Learn Spanish Away, and it was genuinely one of the most engaging and useful spanish courses I've taken. Raul is an excellent teacher who thoroughly engages with the students, while ensuring that you learn the key points of grammar and vocabulary, while also incorporating the history and culture of Granada.

If you are looking to improve your Spanish, I can't recommend this language school enough!


United States

I am so thankful for my experience at Learn Spanish Away. When I first began classes in April, I could not speak Spanish. Now  5 months later I am able to understand and hold conversations with Spaniards! Raul really cares for his students. He wants to see us succeed in the language but also in the adjustment to a new culture. He does a great job of incorporating grammar, vocabulary and culture into each class. He is very engaging. He is always acting out words for me! We watch videos, listen to music, play games, etc. Classes are never boring. At the same time, classes are very organized and he has clear goals for us. Highly recommend!


United States

When I first arrived in Spain I couldn´t hold a conversation in spanish for more than ten minutes without getting overwhelmed and wanting to retreat home to watch a movie in english, just to rest my brain. Now I can spend the day engaging in conversations with strangers and friends alike! I am a part of my community here in Granada and I owe it to Raúl. 
I am now looking forward to getting my B2 certification!


The Netherlands

Hello, I am Nelleke. I'm Dutch and I have lived in Spain for seven years now and still liking it! I came here with my family and none of us spoke any Spanish. It's been a long road to travel, and during those years I have been in language centers and have had private classes off and on. In all these years I've never had a better teacher than Raúl! I enjoyed the way he teaches, using different teaching-material and media. I have learned a lot from him. I definitely recommend him!



Learning Spanish in your class gave me a new enthusiasm for the language. Your classes were very well-structured, lively and engaged every member of the class even if at slightly different levels. Great confidence booster, and informative, bringing not only the language but the life and soul of Spain into the class too!



Raúl was my first and, by and large, the most incisive teacher of Spanish language I have ever had. His method combines an intellectual study of grammatical rules with an emotionally effective plunging into Spanish cultural atmosphere through a smart use of movies and music



¡Fenomenal! I have been taught Spanish by several excellent teachers, but Raúl was by far the best. He is patient, enthusiastic and has a great sense of humour. His classes here in Birmingham were varied, interesting and fun – and always left us all looking forward to the next one. When he announced he was returning to Spain the whole class was devastated.



I had lessons of Oral Spanish with Raúl for 2 years at Queen Mary University, and I remember the lessons always being fun. He's a fantastic teacher, who made sure we worked hard but always made the learning fun. He's creative, patient, and has a great sense of humour. One of my best spanish teachers ever!



Lessons with Raúl are a pleasure. He makes a real effort to understand what your difficulties are, and thinks of interesting ways to resolve them. I spent a couple of years learning with him during lunchtimes at work, during which time I achieved an approximate GCSE standard of the Spanish language. I always really looked forward to my lessons, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any language student.

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